Work Related / Construction Accidents

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Unfortunately work injuries are a common occurrence. The Florida Legislature has created the Workers Compensation Act in order to provide all Employee/Workers with medical coverage for on the job injuries.  The key component of the Act is that it provides coverage for on the job injuries in the event an employer is the cause of the injuries, or the Employee/Worker himself is at fault.  In return for covering the Employee/Worker with workers compensation insurance, the Employer and certain other parties are IMMUNE from being sued for a Employee/Workers’ injuries. However there are many exceptions to this immunity.

If you are injured at work it is CRUCIAL that you contact a knowledgeable attorney to determine your rights and your legal course of action.  Frequently workers may be able make a claim against other at fault third parties even when the Employee/Worker is covered by Workmen’s Compensation.  The CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY is notorious for on the job injuries. There are many complicated issues involving the different trades and subcontractors on the job site. We have handled cases involving SCAFFOLDING, REBAR, CRANES, POWER TOOLS and FORK LIFTS. Our experience allows us to sift thru the facts, determine what compensation you are entitled to you, and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Please understand that Workmen’s Compensation does not cover your pain and suffering, so it is wise to seek an experienced attorney to investigate whether you have a claim for those damages.  Please contact our office for a free consultation on your work or job related injuries.