Evan R. Krakower – Broward Injury Law

Born in New York City and raised in East Brunswick New Jersey, Evan R. Krakower graduated Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA and Nova University Law School, Ft Lauderdale ,FL.  For over thirty years Evan has practiced law in South Florida representing individual clients in cases against national insurance companies, retailers and various manufacturers.

Evan has represented thousands of clients through the litigation process. In addition to a career of negotiating his client’s cases, Evan has vast experience in meditation and trial work.  In a difficult field, Evan has a reputation for honesty and integrity and his character is beyond reproach.

In addition to a busy law practice, Evan is married and with four children. His involvement with youth sports led to a 14 year passion for coaching youth football.  The experience of intimately working with children and families from all walks of life was extremely fulfilling.   This experience led to service as a volunteer with the Plantation Athletic League, one of the largest youth sports programs in Florida.  Serving as a Board of Director, Vice President and President, Evan has had experience with dealing with government entities and various contractual issues. His reputation as a selfless volunteer has garnered him the trust and respect of the community. The satisfaction he received in his volunteer work, coaching, teaching, and mentoring, led to his desire to become a player’s agent and continue his career of helping others.

A certified NFLPA Contract Advisor, Evan R. Krakower is a Cofounder of NA3 with Alex Arribas. The agency maintains a small select client base in order to maintain a “family” like environment.  Their philosophy is to associate with independent accountants and certified NFLPA financial advisors, in order to help obtain the best advice in developing a financial life plan for their clients. The plan contains current financial management of income, accumulation of wealth for their clients, and wise investments for the future.  Their “checks and balances” approach enables them to form a quality team of advisors to meet their client’s financial goals.