A Justice Delayed Is A Justice Denied

A Justice Delayed Is A Justice Denied
on April 20, 2013 in Information

“A justice delayed is a justice denied” a legal principle that specifically state that a person who have suffered an injury should bring his claim for damages in the court in a specified time. This is what lawyers called the “statute of limitation”. Whenever you are injured in a car accident in Florida, you should consult immediately a personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale. You have to know when the best time for you to file a lawsuit for claiming compensation for the injuries you suffered.

The statute of limitation prescribes the length of time a lawsuit shall be filed from the time the injury was suffered or inflicted. As the general rule, upon the lapse of the time as prescribed, an injured person will be barred from filing a lawsuit to recover damages or compensation for the injury he suffered or inflicted by another person. He could no longer go to court to recover or claim damages, however, there are some instances that the statute of limitation have some exception.

Statute of Limitation and its exemption differ from State to State. It is better to consult a personal injury lawyer to see to it that you can still enforce your claims despite the time within which to file the lawsuit had elapsed. Your Fort Lauderdale injury attorney will study your case diligently whether he could find some circumstances that your filing of a lawsuit could fall under the exemption from the statute of limitation. Generally, once you suffered from injury caused by accident or by negligence of another person, you should immediately file a lawsuit for compensation of your injuries, whether, physical, dismemberment of body parts, loss of sight and hearing and pain. Recovery of expenses for medical and hospital bills including physical rehabilitation, loss of income due to injury and other punitive damages that you may earnestly deserve. This lawsuit if possible must be filed within the prescribe period of the statute of limitation.

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