Accident In Florida Orange Plantation

Accident In Florida Orange Plantation
on July 3, 2013 in Information

There are accident that occurs in on an orange plantation in Florida resulting in injuries and sometimes death. A plantation personal injury attorney could determine whether or not the injury suffered by a person can be compensated or not on the basis of circumstances surrounding the accident. There are certain circumstances that the owner of the orange plantation may have the certain liabilities for the injury or death of a person. These circumstances may include the following:

• When the injured person is working under his employ.
• When the injury suffered was the direct results of plantation owner’s gross negligence or intentional act to do the harm.

Under these circumstances, the farmer or owner of the orange plantation has the liabilities for the medical treatment of the injured person under his employ and other compensation that the Florida Law may grant. With the expert help of a plantation personal injury lawyer an injured person can claim personal pain and mental anguish he suffered as a direct result of his injury including his loss of income.

However, the Florida State Law clearly stated that the farmer or owner of the plantation is exempted from any civil liability when he gratuitously allows any person to enter his plantation to pick some remaining oranges after he harvested the same. Provided, however, that the farmer had exercised good faith and without malice for allowing that person to enter into his private property.

When someone may have suffered an injury inside your property allowing for him to gather some left over oranges, it is best for you to call immediately a plantation personal injury lawyer in order to protect you from any malicious lawsuit. The Krakower Law will respond immediately and provide you with their legal assistance to protect you and avoid the costly legal lawsuit.

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