An Insurance Claim Settlement May Be Best For You

An Insurance Claim Settlement May Be Best For You
on May 13, 2013 in Information

Sometime going to court in Fort Lauderdale to press your claims against an insurance company is not the best choice. Opting for out of court insurance claims settlement is much better. A court proceeding is costly and time consuming, but going for a negotiation for the settlement of insurance claims is fast and will not cost so you much money. However, in both options, you need the services of an injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

A Fort Lauderdale injury attorney will prepare a demand letter notifying your insurance provider that you have been injured in a car accident and hereby making an insurance compensation there from. The demand letter will state the details of your injury, the expenses for medical and its related expenses, the costs of repair or restitution of your damage car, and any other expenses directly as the result of a car accident. The insurance company will try to communicate with you through their insurance adjuster and assesses your insurance claims to be true and fair for them.

The most likely scenario is that the insurance company will make the counter offer to you. In most cases, they will offer you a compensation that is too little as what you have demanded. The insurance company in the course of running their business will argue that you are at fault and that they are not liable to pay you compensation or they will argue that you have committed an error in judgment thereby there was a contributory negligence on your part and the injury you suffered is not compensable under your insurance policy.

If there is a compelling reason to accept the counter offer of the insurance company, like that at the time of an accident you are driving your car under the influence of an alcohol, it is better to accept the least amount. But, if you think that you have a good fight, then sue your insurance provider to the court and get a judicial verdict on what is a fair compensation you deserve.

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