Are You A Victim Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace?

Are You A Victim Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace?
on April 16, 2013 in Information

Injuries from workplace does not strictly means physical or bodily injuries, It could also mean emotional or psychological injury. If you are a victim of workplace bullying or sexual harassment in Florida especially in Fort Lauderdale, immediately contact Krakower Law, they are one of the best Fort Lauderdale injury attorney. Sexual harassment is one of the most complicated labor laws, and finding a good lawyer to handle your case against work superior should be made. The success of your case will depend greatly on the ability of your lawyer to present your case in court that need a thorough knowledge of sexual harassment law and a long years of experience in handling injury cases in court.

What damages the victim of sexual harassment can get:

• Lost wages and or future wages
• Compensation for emotional distress
• Punitive damages
• Cost of suit and attorney’s fees

How to determine sexual harassment in the workplace? The most common among the causes of action on a sexual harassment case is the offer of promotion to subordinates usually women to sleep with her boss in exchange for promotion. The conditional offer of sex in exchange for promotion is contrary to law. This indecent proposal has no place in the workplace and the offender shall be punished accordingly.

If the female employee is indeed entitled to the promotion and her refusal to sleep with her boss, she was not promoted, she is entitled to be compensated for the difference of her present wage and the future wage she ought to received from the position she is to be promoted. She could also could also claim compensation for the emotional injuries she suffered due to the indecent proposal. If you have suffered from this injustice consult an injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale and be rewarded the compensation you deserve.

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