Are You Fully Covered From Injury Liability

Are You Fully Covered From Injury Liability
on April 11, 2013 in Information

Car accidents are a daily occurrence on the roads. When you meet an accident, are you prepared that injuries and damages that might be suffered can be paid by your insurance provider? There are circumstances that your insurance cannot and will not pay all the damages caused by the accident. Your insurance coverage may not even be enough to pay your injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Take a look on other insurance coverage that could possibly save you from paying injuries and damages out of your pocket.

Here is the following insurance policy coverage that might help you in case of a car accident:

• Personal Injury Protection (PIP), this insurance coverage plan is intended for payment or reimbursement of customary and reasonable medical bills and loss of income in connection with your car accident duly supported by documents.

• Property Damage Liability (PDL), it is an insurance plan that will answer damages suffered by somebody’s property as a direct result of the car accident.

• Bodily Injury Liability Insurance (BI), this insurance plan will protect an owner of the car in the event that he will be sued by another person who had suffered bodily injury due to an accident.

• UNDER/UNINSURED Motorist (UM), this insurance plan can provide the insured party with insurance benefits when the driver who accidentally caused the bodily injuries had no insurance plan or whose insurance coverage is not enough to compensate for the value of personal injuries.

The Florida State Law only requires the minimum coverage of Ten Thousand US Dollars of personal injury protection and another Ten Thousand US Dollars for property damage liability of which is too small. When the injuries and damages exceeded the amount of your insurance coverage, expenses and compensation should come from your own pocket. Make sure that this circumstance will not happen to you. Make sure that you are fully protected by an insurance plan. Accidents happened anywhere and anytime with any warnings. Contact your Fort Lauderdale injury attorney.

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