Claims For Compensation On Wrongful Death

Claims For Compensation On Wrongful Death
on April 3, 2013 in Information

A Fort Lauderdale injury attorney could those whose relatives died because of wrongful death caused by another person. The nearest kin of a deceased person who wrongfully died because of somebody’s negligence may be entitled to damages. Under the Florida Law, the following person could claim damages for wrongful death.

• Family members
• Nearest kin in the absence of family members
• A person who is directly supported by the deceased
• Legal Trustee of a deceased person

Death caused by unintentional act, omission or negligence of another person may be a cause of action for the claim of damages. This damage may include by not limited to, compensation for actual damages, compensation for pain and sufferings, lost of income, burial expenses and moral damages. A well experienced Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer who have the expertise in Florida Law can help relatives of the deceased to recover damages due to wrongful death.

What are the general example of wrongful death;

• Death from car accident due to reckless driving
• Death on workplaces due to the negligence of an employer
• Death due to medical malpractice
• Death on private property due from non-observance of due diligence of an owner
• Death from air and sea accident on a commercial airlines and commercial shipping lines
• Death as a result of failure of another person to provide immediate and necessary assistance

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