Emotional Injury In The Work Place

Emotional Injury In The Work Place
on April 17, 2013 in Information

Unknown to many people, workplace bullying causes harm and injury. The continued indifference of an employer on repeated bullying in the workplace may be a cause of action for a claim of damages. An injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help you file a damage suit against a person who bullied you repeatedly and you can include your employer in the said suit if your employer does not take positive action to stop the bullying. Basically, there are three types of bullying:

Physical Bullying – This type of bullying may be in the form of slapping and pushing that can cause physical harm with the intent of degrading or humiliating a co-worker or subordinate.

Verbal Bullying – May include name calling, derogatory remarks, defamation, teasing and racial and ethnic slurs. This may cause emotional pain, injury and mental anguish.

Social Bullying – This is the most difficult type of bullying to prove because there is no overt act directed to the victim, rather it is spread through rumors and through a third person.

Your Fort Lauderdale injury attorney will help you to file damage suit against your co-worker, superior officers or employer when the following essential elements of bullying are present:

• Receiving an unfavorable treatment from co-worker or superior officer in the work place that is considered inappropriate and unreasonable.
• Receiving intimidation, harassment, defamation and any other forms of personal debasement, physically or verbally from co-workers or from the employer.
• That those unwanted and inappropriate act is repeatedly done in front or knowledge of co-workers or clients.

Your employer might also be liable for damages if he consented to the bullying or that after he was given notice of such bullying that occurred, he failed to stop and make the appropriate steps to stop the bullying.

Don’t allow yourself to be bullied. Consult immediately Krakower Law in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

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