How To Assert Your Right For Compensation on The Job Related Injuries

How To Assert Your Right For Compensation on The Job Related Injuries
on June 17, 2013 in Information

In seeking justice for the right to be compensated for injuries suffered in the performance of normal tasks in the workplace is very difficult without the assistance of an injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale. This is because of the workers Compensation Act of the State of Florida, where the employer is accorded with a certain degree of immunity from suit.

No employer would like that an accident that causes injury to his employer will happen in his workplace, however, accidents are sometimes cannot be avoided. The Workers Compensation Act of Florida was enacted to provide workers with medical insurance on work related injuries. This Act aimed that any worker in the State of Florida will be provided with immediate medical attention in the event that he will suffer an injury while in the workplace, either at his employer fault or his own fault. This Act also provides an employer a sort of immunity from suit as long as he is paying the insurance premium under this law.

However, the employer’s immunity from legal suit is not absolute; there are some certain exceptions that this law provides. The Supreme Court of Florida aptly said that “so long as the employer has not engaged in any intentional act designed to result in, or that is substantially certain to result in, injury or death to the employee”, the employer is immune from any torts arising from job related injuries or death. A well experienced Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer knows how to interpret this Florida’s Supreme Court opinion to the advantage of his injured client and to get a court judgment favorable to his injured client.

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