How To Defend Yourself From A Personal Injury Case

How To Defend Yourself From A Personal Injury Case
on June 3, 2013 in Information

The Krakower Law is a law firm in Fort Lauderdale Florida who believes that an honest and fair lawyer-client relationship is vital in any successful resolution of a personal injury case. We are offering free legal consultation to discuss with you the merit of your case. If you decide to hire our Fort Lauderdale injury attorney, we will only charge you of our attorney’s fee upon you received the compensation you deserve. We will make our experienced Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer available all the time to assist you in asserting your right for equitable and fair compensation.

In all accident claim cases, the determination of who is at fault is very important. However, when all the facts point out that the cause of an accident is your own fault and you are under a lawsuit to compensate the injured party, the Krakower Law will work hard to defend you. We will exhaust all legal means to defend you in court on your right to a fair and speedy trial of your case.

The defendant has the constitutional right for a fair and speedy trial before a jury and this constitutional right are inviolable. We will invoke your constitutional right and find legal means to defend you against unjust and unfounded damage claims. While it is true that you are legally bound to pay for damages or injuries caused by your own fault but, it is equally true that you have the legal right to compel your insurance provider to pay for those damages and injuries.

You should remember that when you pay the premium on your compulsory motor vehicle insurance to your insurance provider, they agreed that in the event of an accident, they will compensate the holders of their insurance policy certificate without any provisions of who is at fault. The insurance policy certificate is a contract between the holder and the insurance company, of which, the insurance company will assume the legal responsibility of the holder to pay the damages that may arise from or as a result of an accident.

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