How To Detect Personal Injury Insurance Fraud

How To Detect Personal Injury Insurance Fraud
on May 16, 2013 in Information

Recently, there are numerous cases of fraudulent personal injury insurance claims nationwide including in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Most of these cases are from car and truck accidents and the scheme is to exaggerate the injury suffered in an accident, making it more serious than what it is actually is. This scheme is always in connivance of an unscrupulous medical practitioner and illegitimate Fort Lauderdale injury attorney and sometimes participated by an insurance adjuster. This has become a complex scheme that is very difficult to detect.

When you met a car accident and suffered an injury, there is a likelihood that someone will approach you introducing himself as an insurance adjuster or a Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer or even your doctor to help you fast track your insurance claims against an insurance company. The insurance adjuster or an attorney will prepare all your insurance claim documents for a possible insurance claims settlement while your doctor will prepare a medical report overstating the gravity of your injuries. However, when the insurance company will compensate you according the fictitious medical report, the bulk of that compensation will go to them. You will be left with lesser compensation in which, is not fair enough as compensation for your injuries suffered and damages to your property. This insurance claims fraud will not benefit you, rather, those who have made the misrepresentation to the insurance company, the unscrupulous insurance adjuster, the illegitimate lawyer and your immoral doctor.

Insurance companies incurred big losses on insurance claims fraud and they keep increasing insurance premiums to offset their losses. In some instances, insurance companies who have discovered fraudulent insurance claims have filed criminal charges against those people involving insurance frauds. The worst thing, you are an indispensable party to the crime and equally accountable.

Better, have a legitimate Fort Lauderdale injury attorney helps you on your personal injury insurance claims against the insurance company and the at fault driver.

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