How To Fight For Your Right Against Wrongful Death

How To Fight For Your Right Against Wrongful Death
on July 1, 2013 in Information

Painful death comes unexpected. Most painful death was a result of highway accident and most of them involve cars or heavy trucks. Along the highway to Broward, Florida, most accidental deaths is due to a head on collision with a heavy truck. Losing someone you love is very painful, especially when that someone is the head of the family and family breadwinner. When this happens, you should not waste too much time grieving, fight back by consulting with your Broward injury attorney on what to do best.

You may wonder for a while if you can afford and where to get some money to pay for a Broward injury lawyer. You don’t have to worry about the attorney’s fee, the Krakower Law will not charge a fee for your initial consultation, and rather, they will charge their services against a person liable for the wrongful death of your beloved one. They offer their legal services on a contingency basis and it is the Florida court that will determine the amount of attorney’s fees.

A wrongful death caused by the third party, and in this case the truck driver, would be personally liable and have the legal obligation to make compensation as a result of his recklessness and negligence. In addition, he is liable to pay you for all the funeral expenses of your husband, the loss of your husband’s probable income from the time of the accident until such time of his retirement age. He is also liable for the restitution of the damaged car of your husband and any other punitive damages as the court may grant.

Losing someone you loved is not the end of everything, life has to go on. You only need to fight for your right to be compensated of his wrongful death through hiring a good and experienced Broward injury attorney of your confidence. Working closely with your lawyer could make your case a success.

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