How To Protect Your Elderly Against Nursing Home Abuse

How To Protect Your Elderly Against Nursing Home Abuse
on June 24, 2013 in Information

We have heard a lot of rumors about abuses in Florida’s nursing home and yet there is reluctance among the victim and their families to take legal action against those abuses and for those people who are responsible. These abuses if not abated might lead to more abuse that later may cause more pain and anguish for our beloved elders. Any signs of abuse should be reported immediately to the authorities and take legal action if necessary. A Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer could help you take some legal action to stop those abuses and be compensated for the injuries and pain your elderly had suffered.

There are injuries that may look common and normal when we look at it; however, with the help of an experienced injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale, it is a result of abuse. Injuries like bed sore, pressure sore, wounds, broken or dislocated bones and ulcer may look normal, but it is actually the result of negligence, inadequacy and poor health and nutritional care or worse, it is intentional. The sign of sudden health deterioration of our elderly might be the cause of medication errors, dehydration, inadequate nutrition and lack of exercise or sunlight. Again, it is a direct result of inadequate or substandard care. There are injuries that we cannot see with our own eyes such as the verbal abuse and bullying in the nursing home. This kind of abuse is very serious that might lead to stress, psychological and emotional pain and sufferings.

Protecting your beloved one against nursing home abuses, you should from time to time make an unscheduled visit. Always talk to them about their life in the nursing home, how they are treated and cared by the nursing home personnel. It is important to look for any injuries on their body and if there is, asks them immediately or from their friends and other elderly living in the nursing home. Report any incidents to authorities and consult a Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer.

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