Injuries and Abuses Of Elderly In The Nursing Home

Injuries and Abuses Of Elderly In The Nursing Home
on April 30, 2013 in Information

The Fort Lauderdale injury attorney can help your loved one who is suffering from nursing home abuse and neglect. There is a widespread abuse and neglect on the elderly in the United State. Their suffering at the hands of people whom we trusted and paid are beyond our imagination. Its effect to our beloved elderly can cause psychological and emotional pain to a hysterical level. These abuses and neglects should be stopped and penalized. Under the Florida State Law, the immediate family member of the elderly could file a lawsuit against the nursing home institution and its personnel. Consult an injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale if you noticed that your loved one had suffered physical or emotional pain while in the nursing home.

What are the most common nursing home abuses and neglects:

• Sexual Assaults
• Physical Abuse such as pinching, hitting, kicking and etc.
• Oral defamation and insults
• Failure to provide adequate nutrition
• Failure to provide timely medical care and attention
• Failure to provide proper hygiene and sanitation
• Physical injuries suffered by the elderly due to slip and fall

When put our elderly under the care and protection of a nursing home or any other institution for the elderly, they shall be treated with care and respect as a human being. Their basic human right for a dignified, comfortable and safe living condition should still be respected at all times by the nursing home institution and its personnel including all those elderly under their care and protection.

Your loved one may have difficulty in communication and in recalling things that had happened to him, however, that should not be taken for granted. He might be under duress and threatened not to tell the truth and yet, you can detect that he is being physically abused. Once you notice any signs of abuse and neglect of your love one, contact immediately Krakower Law to assist you in the preparation of documentary and oral evidence necessary in the filing of a lawsuit against the nursing home or any other person.

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