Know Your Rights in a Slip and Fall Situation

Know Your Rights in a Slip and Fall Situation
on December 6, 2012 in Information

Stores and businesses are busy places, but it is up to these businesses to keep their patrons safe. Slip and falls are common accidents that happen in businesses, and they are also accidents that businesses are quick to try and get out of paying you the necessary compensation you deserve.

The first thing to remember when suffering from a slip and fall is to consult an attorney immediately. If you are unable to call an attorney, then try and tell a friend or relative to contact one on your behalf.

In most situations, the store or business will attempt to get you to settle outside of the court of law. This can be done either by a store representative directly, their insurance company, or an attorney. Almost always, this compensation will not be enough to cover your medical bills. Or, if it is, it might not take into account that injuries sometimes take years to fully manifest themselves. You might feel fine after the initial slip and fall, for instance, but months later you find yourself having incredible problems in the area that was originally injured.

Do not let these companies dictate your compensation. After all, they are in the business of making money and decreasing their own costs. So, they will always be looking out for themselves, even if they seem that they are on your side and truly concerned about the injuries you have sustained.

Your attorney will be able o give you the council you need to make the best decision in how to handle your slip and fall accident. Even if the injury does not seem severe at first, remember that it can get worse. It is better to have council on your side sooner rather than later. So, know your rights and contact council immediately.

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