Lesser Pay Due To Race Is A Ground In Filing A Lawsuit

Lesser Pay Due To Race Is A Ground In Filing A Lawsuit
on October 1, 2013 in Information

Injuries can be in the form of physical as well as emotional harm. While physical injuries are easily manifested by physical proof such as bruises, wounds and etcetera, emotional injuries are harder to determine, detect and prove. Emotional or psychological injuries are usually the result of bullying or by any other form of discrimination. In the workplace, the most common type of discrimination is due to race or ethnicity. The Federal Law and State Statutes prohibit any form of workplace discrimination. Consulting with a Broward injury attorney regarding workplace discrimination could help anyone avoid and or fend off bullying.

Racial discrimination has many forms. Paying a worker lesser than anybody else in the workforce performing the same jobs and having the same responsibility due to his race is more common in the State of Florida. This is because in Florida, there are too many Hispanic immigrants that will accept lower pay than their American counterpart. Though, the law prohibits its practices, it is seldom enforced due to the difficulty of proving the same for lack of physical proof. However, with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable Broward injury lawyer, a lawsuit can be successfully brought before the court and get a favorable judgment.

What will be the benefits that a person might get when he will file a lawsuit against the company that pays him less due to his race? If the lawsuit will be successful, he will be entitled to be paid the same as other co-workers in the company had enjoyed. He is also entitled to receive back wages, from the moment he was employed by the company up to the time the favorable judgment was rendered and judicially enforced. In addition, he will be reimbursed with all his expenses related to the bringing of the lawsuit that includes attorneys’ fees and to be compensated with damages he emotionally suffered.

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