Motorcycle Accident Is Not Covered By The Florida No Fault Law

Motorcycle Accident Is Not Covered By The Florida No Fault Law
on August 29, 2013 in Information

A motorcycle is prone to accident, more so that it lacks the body covering, which could protect the rider. Once a motorcycle met an accident, surely, the rider will hit the ground or road pavement. Bodily injuries could not then be avoided. The Florida no fault law does not cover motorcycle accidents and it is imperative for the rider to prove before the court that the cause of the incident was the gross negligence of another driver. The assistance of a Broward injury attorney should be needed to present and prove before the court that the incident was the direct result of the fault of another.

Medical bills, hospitalization expenses and other related expenses for the treatment of any injuries sustained in the accident can be recovered from the erring driver. This could be done by the help of a Broward injury lawyer. The lawyer will be collecting documentary evidences that can prove the negligence of another driver; such documents may include incident report and traffic accident report conducted by an investigating officer. In some instances, oral testimonies of those who are present in the scene and had witnessed the event will be needed for presentation before the court.

The Broward injury attorney will assist the injured client in filing a proper complaint before the court against another driver who is at fault for the recovery of actual expenses and the compensation for the pains and sufferings from the injuries sustained in the accident. During the trial, aside from evidences proving the negligence of another driver, the trial lawyer will be presenting documents to show the actual expenses incurred for the medical treatment.

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