Negligence Determines Personal Liability In Car Accident Cases

Negligence Determines Personal Liability In Car Accident Cases
on June 4, 2013 in Information

Florida is among of state that adopted the no-fault law with respect to car accidents. The logic behind this law is that whoever suffered an injury in a car accident, the insurance company will pay for his medical and hospital bills according to his insurance threshold. The determination of who is at fault is of no moment, the insurance company is obliged to pay without asking any question about who is at fault or negligent.

However, the cost of medical and hospital bills and property damages that are beyond the personal insurance threshold, will be subject to the determination of who is at fault. In a car accident, negligence is always the basis of determining who is answerable for the personal injuries and the property damages. In this instance, you need to hire an injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale to assist you from either asserting your rights for a deserving compensation or to protect you to lessen your liabilities.

A Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer will study all aspects and probabilities of your case. His assessment will focus on the determination of your negligence and that of another car driver or both of you failed to observe due diligence at the time of the happening of an accident. In case where both of you are at fault, the court will determine the degree of each negligence and the damages and injuries caused will be both shared accordingly.

It is very crucial in cases of car accident that proving negligence is very important. The police accident report and testimonies of witnesses is very material in proving one’s negligence. You should remember that by giving an oral statement or a signed affidavit to the investigating officer, you should have the assistance of an attorney. In most cases, a good Fort Lauderdale injury attorney could make a difference. He could turn a losing case into victory.

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