Present Your Case with Injury Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Present Your Case with Injury Attorney in Fort Lauderdale
on May 28, 2013 in Information

More lawsuits arise from car accidents in Fort Lauderdale than from any other single cause. If you are involved in one, notify your insurance company immediately. The company will handle any claim against you, provide an insurance defense lawyer if you are sued, and pay any judgment. If the judgment is for more than your insurance coverage, you are liable for the balance. You are required to cooperate with the insurance company in the defense of the case.

If you are injured, you may wish to make a claim for personal injuries or property damage with the help of injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Write to the owner of driver of the other car, stating that you are making a claim, and asking him to turn it over to his insurance company, which will probably contact you. Do not give the opposing insurance company any written statement about the accident; it can be used against you.
An injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale can probably get more than you can from the insurance company, but he will take part of it for his fee.

Most accident cases are on a contingent fee basis. The lawyer gets nothing if you lose; but if you win he gets a percentage, which may run from a third to a half. It may even have to do as much paperwork in a small case as a large one. If the percentage seems too high, you might try to settle the claim yourself but you should call in an FT injury lawyer if necessary.

You are entitled to be paid for actual losses, such as lost wages, repair bills, and medical costs (even if paid by insurance). These are called special damages. If there is doubt as to who was at fault in the accident, the settlement may be a less. If there are permanent injuries, it will be much more, since future losses, expenses, and pain and suffering must be taken into account.

In all these matters, it would be best for you to seek advice from an experienced insurance defense attorney. You cannot jeopardize your insurance coverage and a good FT injury lawyer will make sure you get through this tight situation safe and sound.

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