Preservation of Car Accident Evidences

Preservation of Car Accident Evidences
on April 24, 2013 in Information

One of the most difficult work of a Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer is to prove before the court the recovery of compensation for personal injury his client had suffered in a car accident due to lack of evidence. Preservation of material evidences is the utmost concern of a prosecuting attorney. Winning the case before a court depends on the available physical and oral evidence to be presented and to prove that his client had suffered an injury caused by another person.

What are those evidences to prove a personal injury and property damages lawsuit.

• Surveillance videos
• Photos of the actual scene of the accident, such as the actual position of the cars at the point of impact, the tires skid mark on the road, pictures of damages of the cars after the impact, pictures of car parts that loiters on the road after the impact.
• Affidavits of eyewitnesses of the accident
• Police Investigation Reports
• Medical records for personal injury and hospitalization bills
• Property damages estimates and costs

The preservation of the physical evidences can make the work of Fort Lauderdale injury attorney easier to prove before a court his client’s claim for compensation and recovery of damages against the driver at fault and the insurance provider.

It should always be remembered that the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff and he should rely on the strength of his evidences rather than the weakness or lack of the defendants evidences. It is also worthy to note that delaying a lawsuit for a longer period of time may weaken an evidences especially oral testimony. This is because human memories are too short and tend to forget specific details in the occurrence of the accident.

A well preserved physical evidence can make your lawsuit for compensation and recovery of damages easier and fast.

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