Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse
on January 4, 2013 in Information

It happens to the best of us. We all grow older and have to watch those that we love grow older. Our parents, our grandparents, those that are the closest to us will eventually need care that they may not be able to provide for themselves. For many, nursing homes are the only solution.

Unfortunately, they can be very expensive. More concerning, you are having to trust individuals that are most likely complete strangers to you to watch over your loved ones. Though it may seem hard to believe, nursing home abuse and malpractice is actually quite common. These organizations will often cut corners, such as hiring cheaper labor, in order to save a few dollars. There are several signs that your loved one might be facing abuse in their current home, or by an at-home caretaker.

Please be advised that just because your loved one is potentially showing a few of these symptoms, there is no guarantee that it is from actual abuse. Your best line of defense is to contact a competent attorney with years of experience in nursing home malpractice.

• Disappearing personal items

• Burns and abrasions on the skin

• Soiling and poor hygiene. The persistent smell of urine or feces.

• A rapid loss of hair

• Torn or stained clothing

• Open wounds, cuts, or bed sores

• Unusual financial transactions

• Sudden changes in your loved ones mood or demeanor

• Sudden and unexplained change in weight Remember; keep in mind not to rush to judgment. Your best defense is to have someone in your corner. It is not wise to accuse the nursing home of negligence up front, especially if you think that it is apparent to upper management. Remember, anything said can come back to haunt you in a court of law.

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