The Effect Of Injuries Quit Claims & Waiver

The Effect Of Injuries Quit Claims & Waiver
on May 2, 2013 in Information

Do you know that an insurance company is more interested in their bottom line? Profit and in every scenario, they won’t pay you the insurance claims you deserve. Having suffered an injury caused by car accident, if possible consult an injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale before talking to your insurance agent. An injury attorney Fort Lauderdale will discuss you with the insurance benefits you may get from an insurance provider and they will not charge you any fee unless you hire them and won your case. They will help you on a contingency basis.

An insurance agent may also come to you and promised a certain amount as compensation, he will let you sign a document that in effect you will waive your right to make further claim against the insurance company. But the truth is, you deserve more than the amount he is promising. If this scenario happens to you, do not sign any waiver or quit claim document, you have to consult an injury lawyer first before signing any documents.

A waiver or a quit claim document will prevent you to pursue a lawsuit against the insurance provider and you could no longer claim for further damages and compensation as a result of the injuries you suffered from a car accident. While the promised amount could help you in the meantime, it is not worth. You might be entitled to a bigger amount you deserved, a personal injury attorney knows what is best for you.

As we all know, injuries due to car accident are usually fatal and sometimes the injuries might have some life changing implication. A loss of sight, hearing, a limb or any dismemberment of body parts. Such injury may force you to lose your job and lose your opportunity to earn an income. And if this scenario happens to you, the insurance company will be liable for damages for the loss of your income not only the actual reimbursement of your hospitalization expenses.

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