What Is Contributory Negligence In Car Accident

What Is Contributory Negligence In Car Accident
on June 4, 2013 in Information

Fort Lauderdale Florida is a seaside city where cycling hobbyists love to sweat out every morning. Although, bicycle accidents are very common, it is seldom reported to the authorities. However, there are bicycle accidents that are serious enough to be reported and should be the subject of personal injury lawsuit or an insurance compensation claim. In any case, you should be needing the services of a Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer. Your Fort Lauderdale injury attorney should have a long and wide experience in handling car accident cases.

Krakower Law is the Fort Lauderdale personal injury law firm, with dedicated lawyers to defend the right of ordinary people and not the few powerful insurance corporations. It prides itself to be called the lawyer of the oppressed who will vigorously help ordinary people to assert their rights against big and powerful companies.

There is no federal law requiring a bicycle for an insurance coverage and any accident involving cyclist riding on his bicycle could not make a claim on the insurance company for the damage and injuries suffered. However, when the accident involves another car or a truck, the insurance claims could prosper even in at the fault of a cyclist. It is recognizable in Florida the theory of contributory negligence in a car accident. Under this theory, the court will determine the degree of negligence a person has contributed to the happening of an accident. On the basis of this degree of negligence, a cyclist could claim property damage and personal injury to the insurance provider of the car or truck.

This is how important to have a good experienced and skillful Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer to assist you in your personal injury lawsuit or claim settlement against a third person and insurance companies. Consult immediately with Krakower law for the protection of your rights.

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