What Is Jurisdiction In Florida Law

What Is Jurisdiction In Florida Law
on July 22, 2013 in Information

In many cases of a car accident, it ends up into the filing a personal injury lawsuit. In every lawsuit, the jurisdictional requirement is very essential. Generally, jurisdiction is determined by whose territorial area the accident happened. When the accident happened in Coral Spring Florida, the Coral Spring Court has the jurisdiction over the case and it is best to hire a local Coral Springs personal injury lawyer to help you with the filing of a lawsuit.

The Florida State is currently under a two-tier trial court system. The Country Court, which is popularly called the people’s court, is a court of limited jurisdiction that under the law has jurisdiction over civil disputes involving 15,000 dollars and below and other cases such as traffic offenses and less serious criminal offenses. The other is the Circuit Court, considered as the highest trial courts that hear major criminal offense, civil disputes of over 15,000 Dollars in claim, dispute arising from family and family relations and probate matters.

Jurisdiction is conferred by statute and universally describes as an authority over a specific area and/or specific persons. In legal parlance, jurisdiction refers to a particular geographic area with a defined legal authority. It refers to the authority of the courts to hear and try any dispute arising from the breach of the law or legal and binding agreement in a certain definite territory.

The court’s authority to hear and render judgment in a dispute is conferred by the law of the specific territorial area and enforceable under its own laws. As in car accidents that occurred in Coral Springs or in Broward County, only its own court shall hear and render judgment thereto. The complexity involving a lawsuit can be fully understood by local Coral Springs personal injury lawyer or by a local Broward injury lawyer depending on a place where a lawsuit was filed.

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