Who Can File A Lawsuit In Wrongful Death

Who Can File A Lawsuit In Wrongful Death
on July 30, 2013 in Information

If a person died due to the fault or negligence of another, who has the right to file a lawsuit and claim for damage due to wrongful death? Consulting a Broward injury lawyer would be better to understand whether you have the right to file a lawsuit. The Florida State Law enumerates who could file a lawsuit to recover damages and other forms of compensations as follows:

1. Immediate family members
2. In the absence of an immediate family member, the nearest kin of the deceased
3. The legal trustee of the deceased
4. A person who is under the support of the deceased

Except those enumerated under the law, no other person can file a lawsuit to recover damages and compensation. Immediate family members are those persons who are as follows:

1. The spouse of the deceased if married
2. The parents of the deceased if single
3. Children of the deceased

The legal heirs or persons under the legal support of the deceased are entitled to the recovery of expenses such as actual costs of burial, medical and hospital bills and allied expenses. The legal heirs also entitle compensatory as well as punitive damages from the defendants. Compensatory damages include, pain and suffering of the loss of love, restitution of lost or damage properties and compensation for loss of income. Punitive damages may include the costs of litigation and attorney’s fees.

If you need a Broward injury attorney to assist you in the filing and litigating for the wrongful death of your loved one, the Krakower Law will help you. Your initial consultation will be free of charge and their attorneys’ fees will be at contingency basis. In other words, they will only collect payment for their services when the case has been finally resolved in your favor and that the attorneys’ fees will be paid by the defendants.

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