NA3NA3 Mission Statement and Goals



  • Small firm guaranteeing individual service provided by an NFL Players Agent, not an Associate.
  • Over 30 years of legal experience negotiating, mediating, arbitrating, and trying our clients positions.
  • NA3 will assist in maximizing the clients training, to improve his performance physically and intellectually. in addition will help polish character, in ordr to enhance his desirability to professional teams.
  • NA3 will promote their clients for maximum exposure


  • To maximize financial compensation from a club
  • To maximize other sources of financial revenue
  • To manage our clients “Life Plan” to ensure a lifestyle in accordance with his compensation, and a future of financial security



  • “Life Plan” to be established by legal, accounting, investment and media professionals, whom are reviewed and vetted by NA3, to meet the individual clients needs to ensure financial security.
  • The benefit of ‘In House” legal and marketing professionals to minimize outside costs to the client
  • NA3 will help navigate the complex rules of the NFL drug and alcohol policy to prevent accidental violations
  • NA3 will provide guidance in social situations to prevent our clients from violating morality clauses in NFL contracts
  • NA3 will assist in making lifestyle decisions concerning transportation, housing and entertainment.
  • NA3 will monitor all aspects of the athletes life in order to protect the clients interests.