Car Accidents

Car accidents are a daily occurrence.  Most likely you or a loved one will be involved in one or more during your lifetime. Many cause relatively minor injuries, some cause severe injuries, others can cause life changing catastrophic injury.

Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately there are no minor Motorcycle accidents. This can be seen by the fact that motorcycles are excluded from the Florida NO FAULT Law. Once a motorcyclist is hit by a vechicle, there is a high likelihood that they will have hit the ground and will need emercency care.

Work Related Accidents

Unfortunately work injuries are a common occurrence. The Florida Legislature has created the Workers Compensation Act in order to provide all Employee/Workers with medical coverage for on the job injuries.

Medical Malpractice Claims

None of us are perfect. Though most Doctors and other health care providers are highly trained professionals, they can make mistakes too. Unfortunately due to the nature of their business their “mistakes” can be catastrophic.

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